RepScheduler® is a calendaring website for hospitals and medical representatives. The website allows hospitals to setup a calendar for each lab that services reps from the medical device and diagnostic industry. RepScheduler® aims to increase organizational efficiency and streamlines the process of scheduling medical reps though a centralized and secure online calendaring system.

Hospitals administrators have the ability to quickly configure each lab with restrictions such as the number of reps allowed per day, breakfast and/or lunch options, customized lab comments, and other features prior to releasing the calendar for use by the reps. By giving hospital administrators a secure, centralized platform to organize the calendaring of medical reps, RepScheduler® eliminates costs and saves time, while increasing productivity, all in an eco-friendly environment, available 24 hours per day. Giving hospitals complete control of the calendaring process also increases accountability and provides an additional veil of security for outside organizations such as JCAHO.

Representatives likewise have the ability to securely log into the calendaring software and book or cancel available lab days, respond to hospital invites or communicate with hospital administrators.


  • Time Saving
  • 24 Hour scheduling
  • Organized, Controlled Schedule
  • Enforces Labs Guidelines
  • Helps Keep Good Lab Relations
  • Eliminates "Paper" Schedules
  • Reduces Email/Phone Interruptions
  • Online Calendar
  • Improved Access
  • Increased Receptivity
  • Better Customer Service
  • Professional & Private
  • Veil of Security
  • Nothing to Install - No Software Needed
  • Mobile Compatible
  • JCAHO Friendly
  • Makes Your Facility Progressive with Rep Control
  • Compatible with Current Systems
  • And much more... Learn More

RepScheduler saves us so much time
and helps enforce scheduling and guidelines in our hospital.
F.D., San Diego Scheduler


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