Healthcare Provider FAQs

RepScheduler is a website that aids in the scheduling and monitoring of Vendor and Supplier Reps in healthcare environments. We provide an effective solution that allows Healthcare Providers to control scheduling options for each lab or office location, and for Rep to maintain compliance with these policies.

You setup your account on-line and determine your representative policies, frequency restrictions, and the time windows when your practice desires service support. Reps then self-schedule their visits beforehand and check-in with you upon arrival.

The result: a streamlined process that increases practice profitability through increased efficiency and management control.

There are no setup, license, or maintenance fees for RepScheduler.

There is a $250/year fee to your Rep to use RepScheduler. Once enrolled, reps can use the system for any healthcare organization that uses RepScheduler, or can invite new offices to use it from our Communications portal.

Absolutely not. The Rep pays one fee for the entire network of healthcare providers and any other users that they may invite into their own private Connections.

Yes. As a condition for the use of the RepScheduler service, and in order to produce the desired benefits, it is REQUIRED that you implement the following procedures:

  1. Require your sales reps to self-schedule their appointments via
  2. Sales reps may not be in patient areas without a scheduled appointment. Although not required, it is recommended that representatives be given a visitor badge at check-in so they can be easily identified.
  3. Do not give special treatment to reps that wish to control the timing or frequency of their visits.

You can set-up the RepScheduler Software in under an hour; however, your entire team must be ready to support the implementation. The fastest way to get started is by following the Getting Started Instructions, or send an email to [email protected].

The following information is needed: primary contact information, hospital contact information and the specific rules you wish to set for allowing reps into your lab. In addition, this setting can be changed at any time. The system is built to handle system setting, however please keep in mind your changes may affect the current schedule. In addition, once your account is set-up, you can email or printout the Sales Rep Announcement, and distribute it to your representatives.

Yes. The RepScheduler system simply automates your manual processes. RepScheduler is expressly designed to support the unique needs and preferences of each lab, office or other organization location. With RepScheduler, you can simplify the management of sales rep interaction and standardize hospital protocol. The system is also built to support releasing the calendar on a rolling basis or on a specific day of the month. Should you ever want to make changes to the settings, you can access the page and change the setting accordingly.

RepScheduler allows you to use the power of a shared web-based scheduling and communication system so reps can self-schedule, on-line, 24/7. Manual procedures take time away from your staff and allow jockeying by the reps.

No. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection; no special hardware or software is needed and a RepScheduler account manager will personally assist you in getting started and whenever you need assistance in the future. Simply select the Contact Us tab & we will be in touch with you shortly.

Whomever your Organization administrator has assigned as a location administrator for each specific location – multiple admins may access the calendar, if desired.

Any administrator can retrieve their password by clicking on the I Forgot my Password link and it will be emailed to them. In addition, an administrator may Contact Us & someone from our support staff will help reset their password.

Yes, you simply need to go to the day(s) you wish to have the launching rep in your location, select each OPEN slot & select CLOSED. This will not allow any other reps to schedule that day. If there is already a rep scheduled on the day you are wanting another rep to launch, you can delete them from the calendar & it will issue an email to them letting them know that their appt has been cancelled.

If you close the lab down for a launch day, you can create a direct Request to Meet select the Meet tab of the application, which will allow you to select the launching rep. Once you submit the invite, it sends an email to the rep, which they will accept. Once they accept the invite on RepScheduler, it will add them to your calendar & their calendar ONLY. No other reps are able to see anything besides the lab is closed.

Submit a Contact Us form & someone will promptly get back to you.

The Final Rule on Security Standards from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued on February 20, 2003 mandates “physical safeguards” for the protection and privacy of patient information and requires controls for visitor access. These requirements include visitor sign-in and keeping a log of your visitors. Although not required, it is also recommended that you implement an ID badge system so that representatives can be easily identified. Sales visitors should never be allowed to linger in your facility.

Rep FAQs

SIGN UP NOW link under the Rep or Healthcare Provider(s) tab, or click the SIGN UP link on the top right of the HOME page.

$250 per year for unlimited locations and connections.

Absolutely not. Once you are in, your membership is good for ALL of your RepScheduler facilities at no additional charge.

You are required to supply a corporate email address specifically for the purposes to validate that you work for a legitamite company. Once you validate your email address you can CHANGE YOUR EMAIL address to anything you want.

See the Help & Training tab – Select the Rep Scheduling training guide.

Yes!  We will email you an appointment file with each appointment. You can open this file on all major smart phone devices and the appointment will automatically be added to your phone.  We support Apple (iOS), Android(google), Windows, and Blackberry.  Please note that there are many different versions of these phones. If you have a problem with your device, forward the Appointment file(ICS) to [email protected].  Be sure to tell us the make/model of your smart phone.

Absolutely not – be very wary of those that ask for this information.

Yes – you will see your scheduled appointments on a monthly, weekly or day view when you are logged into your account.

Yes. When you schedule, you may receive an optional email with a link. With one click on the link, your appointment from RepScheduler will go to your calendar as an ICS file (compatible with Outlook, Google Mail, and Apple)

No, when you receive the email that your appointment has been cancelled, you will need to go in and manually delete the appointment from your Outlook calendar. The cancelled appointment will automatically be taken off you online RepScheduler calendar.

No problem, you can invite anyone to connect with you in RepScheduler – including your entire territory of offices and hospitals if you want.  If you need help with setting up a new location,  or inviting one of your team members, you can contact us at [email protected] and we can assist with the full process.